Partnering with friends in Ghana, West Africa in education, rural development, and relationships.


The Rural Village Development project is a chance to share much needed items, service and education tools with small villages that have few resources.

In the RVD project we have identified three villages in rural Ghana to partner with.

Also, we are working with their under resourced schools to get them items we take for granted in our schools like books, desks, computers and a library. We believe that education is a key component to helping our Ghanaian friends have an opportunity to succeed.

In addition, we are serving alongside the church in those villages to provide occasional medical clinics along with nutritional aids, medications and even payment for much needed hospital medical procedures that the villagers wouldn't have money to get otherwise.

How your donation will help:

* Provides school supplies to needy villages

* Provides education to village children who are unable to afford school

* Provides food supplements for village children

* Provides necessary upkeep to buildings, homes, and village land in rural communities

For specific current projects and needs please contact us:


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