Partnering with friends in Ghana, West Africa in education, rural development, and relationships.

$1 Million Reasons to Rejoice

July 10th, 2022



Born of the desire to develop a missional spirit in our “Journey Land” children’s ministry, and to live out James’ exhortation to care for widows and orphans, Heartbeat for Hope has shared the good news by partnering with Village of Hope Children’s Village in Ghana, west Africa. Since 2006, with God’s blessings and the help of hundreds of supporters Heartbeat for Hope has

  • sponsored 43 children, providing food, homes, medical care, and educations,
  • built playgrounds for Hope Christian Academy’s (HCA) preschool and primary schools,
  • hosted annual outreach events, including Walk for Hope, Human Foosball, concerts, and dinners,
  • provided a roof for the church in Ayikai Doblo village,
  • established two women’s training centers,
  • provided a personal Bible for every child at Village of Hope (VOH),
  • built a Literacy Center for Hope Training Institute’s (HTI) rescued street children program,
  • renovated Ayikai Doblo’s village school,
  • supplied hearing aids for hearing impaired children,
  • provided “Baby Blessing Bags” for new mothers and babies at Hope Hospital,
  • refurbished, repaired, and painted the HCA primary education building,
  • provided neonatal ICU equipment and supplies for Hope Hospital,
  • created and donated numerous Bible class teaching aids and supplies,
  • repaired a water well to provide fresh water,
  • written and received 100s of pen pal letters to and from their friends in Journey Land and Oklahoma Christian Academy,
  • bought a refrigerator for one of the children’s homes,
  • participated in building a preschool building at Hope Ridge School (HRS is sponsored by VOH) in Nkwatia village,
  • provided classroom furniture and refurbished HRS,
  • built a restroom for HRS,
  • renovated and stocked the hospital pharmacy at Hope Hospital,
  • donated school supplies and backpacks for every child at VOH,
  • provided “Encouragement for Educators” bags for teachers at HCA and HRS,
  • renovated the HCA school library and provided countless books,
  • sponsored a campus-wide birthday party, complete with cakes and personal birthday bags of treats for each child at VOH as well as annual birthday parties for sponsored children,
  • undertaken nine missions to Ghana, and
  • most importantly, shared the love of Jesus with their friends in Africa.

UPCOMING Project Goals - (year to complete)

  • Rescued Babies’ Home @ Village of Hope - (2022)
  • Village of Hope Sponsorships = No child left without a sponsor - (2022)
  • NEW Speech and Hearing Clinic @ Village of Hope - (2022)
  • Two more RVD families sponsored - (2022-2023)
  • Two more Rural Village Development homes for families - (2023)
  • Increased involvement with Hope Training Institute - (2023)
  • New kitchen and cafeteria for Hope Training Institute - (2024)