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Kid of the Month: Samuel Asamoah

March 17th, 2016

Get to Know Me!

Name: Samuel Kofi Asamoah

Age: 17 years old

House at VOH: Prestoncrest House

My Favorites 

Book: The Tale of Despereaux

Color: Green

Sport: Soccer

Animal: Cat

Subject in School: Business Managment

Thing to do in my free time: Rest or Read

Bible Verse or Story: " A fool finds pleasure in evil conduct but a man of understanding delights in wisdom" -Proverbs 10:23


More about Me...

What do I want to be when I grow up?

- an entrepreneur or an accountant

If I could have ANY super power what would it be?

- to be able to help others through their troubles

What am I most thankful for?

- "I am most thankful Heartbeat for Hope for caring so much about me and the Village of Hope as a whole!"