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Long-time House Parents to Retire

July 30th, 2013

From Village of Hope newsletter, July 2013:


"When Village fo Hope was inaugurated on February 24, 1996, Roland and Gladys Bulley were hired to take care of the very first children that were brought to the home. For seventeen years, three 'generations' of children have been nurtured and trained in the Bulleys' home. Apart from those children who have lived with them in their home, many others have benefited from the dedicated service of Roland and Gladys.

Today, many of those in the initial group of children who were brought up by the Bulleys are now living independent lives. Those in the second set are now in college or about to finish college. Currently, Roland and Gladys are parents to 16 of the oldest girls who live in Carolyn Barnett House.

Through the years, the Bulleys have served with distinction. Each played various mentorship and leadership roles. Many of the house parents have received training and guidance from the Bulleys' wealth of experience in child care. In addition ot being a house parent, Roland is currently the Managing Director of Hope Christian Academy. Gladys is also the Managing Director of Hope Children's Village.

It will soon be time for this hardworking couple to retire from the service of Village of Hope. Although we have to find replacements for their roles, they, as persons, cannot be replaced. They will always remain cherished members of the Village of Hope family."